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Sweet Lemon is your Burleigh graphic design team that believes, Good design is the key to effective marketing! Branded marketing material can last a long time and deliver your message repeatedly, so effective and professional design is essentially to help your business stand out.

Sweet Lemon branding, design and creative agency is trusted by brands across the globe to incorporate strategic design to achieve results from your marketing.

Utilising our marketing management background, we fully understand the intended outcome of each design element, the target audience and environment in which it is being applied to ensure that our designs not only look great but deliver!

See below for some examples of how the team at Sweet Lemon create effective graphic design and apply it to key elements in your business:

Business Cards & Stationary

Everything from using the right stock (the material it is made from) through to font and colour choices on your business cards & stationary all affect the feelings felt by the recipient and therefore their likelihood of engaging with your brand.

At Sweet Lemon, we ensure that your business cards & stationary represent your brand and also has all the relevant content for your audience to easily engage whatever their preferred method of communication.


Brochures & Flyers

As with all effective design, the Sweet Lemon ensure the correct imagery is used to align with your branding elements and instil the desired feelings when your audience receives your brochures and flyers.

The added consideration made by the Sweet Lemon team here is “what is the call to action?”

In answering this question, we carefully consider the “weighting” of all elements in the design to ensure the eye flows through the design in the right order with the call to action being delivered clearly.



The Sweet Lemon team love packaging design projects, the complexity and real-world application of these design projects excites our creatives to think outside the box in delivering your brand at the crucial point of your audience’s journey, the time of purchase!

Bringing together items required by regulations, such as nutritional tables and country of origin, and moulding them together with your branding and product messaging is exciting.

Not to mention the detailed thinking required to consider all visible surfaces on the packaging, we even support you right through the sampling and production phase with your manufacturer to ensure what you sign off on from our renderings matches the end result on your products!

Signage, billboards & Vehicle wraps

Sweet Lemon design love working with our clients on their brand signage, billboards and vehicle wraps.

The environment question is paramount here, as it determines just how much time you have to deliver your message with your marketing and from what distance.

For example, signage for a restaurant on a busy street with frequent traffic jams directly in front of the premises would differ from that of a restaurant in the countryside where the audience is moving much faster and likely passing at a greater distance away.


Social Media & Web Design

We just love the fast-moving pace of digital marketing, with Social Media and Web Design being an ever evolving space.

With the crowded digital world these days, it is imperative to not only partner with a design agency who creates eye catching designs but also to continually refresh your banners, imagery and content to keep your audience excited and engaged.

Ask us about our monthly packages that allow us to keep on top of this for you and ensure your brand is maximising engagement with your audience in the digital world!


Marketing Collateral and All print media

At Sweet Lemon, your Burleigh graphic design team have a clear vision that branding, design and creative agency we love all the nuances that make up different brands in different industries.

With experience across a huge span of industries, we are excited to work with you on anything from your next product catalogue to branding your fleet of machinery that is heading off for a big new project!


Contact us to get the ball rolling on your next project