Pinnacle Securities

A professional financial services firm offering asset management solutions, prime broker services and corporate advisory.

I Am Water

I Am Water sought a new website to showcase their charity work, educate people about the ocean and share their stories.

Brazilian Seduction

Helping Brazilian Seduction bring the designs and fabrics used by Brazilian designers and launching in Australia.


The mYofocUs team believe that encompassing sound nutrition, excellent oral function and efficient movement are the ingredients to healthy growth.

Dr Dan

Dr Dan Hanson educates fellow health and medical professionals on the importance of breathing in relation to oral and dental health.

Capital Electrical

Capital Electrical is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in electrical services in SE Queensland.

Michael Cooper

A long standing client of Sweet Lemon, we have worked with Michael on a wide range of graphic design projects over the year.

Breathe Holistic

We worked withBreathe Holistic to develop the design concept prior to launch of their business, flowing through to the creation of all their marketing material.

Little Love Vodka

Little Love Vodka was a great packaging design that we helped become a reality.

Maple & Murph

Mike Cooper is more than just a certified financial planner; he is also an example on how to live a successful humble life.

Barnes & Brown’s

Barnes & Brown’s exquisite range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits was borne from a quest to give consumers the freedom to drink your way.

Jeanie Beales

Jeanie Beales is a professional wordsmith looking to expand her reach where people can connect and communicate with her.

Breathe Me

Breathe Me focuses on the importance of breathing as a core component of our personal health to achieve maximum performance.


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