Logo Design

The centrepiece of all branding is your Logo, the development of which should not be rushed but should be developed through careful consideration to your intended public image and acceptance by your target audience.

At Sweet Lemon Design, our experienced team take time to research what makes your target audience tick, we can then move onto thoroughly discussing all elements of branding to ensure this starting point of your branding is a proud representative of your brand that your audience is drawn to.

With our design director coming from a Marketing Management background, working in agencies across the globe, we meticulously consider all elements such as the use of colour, font and imagery to create a logo that your audience is drawn to!

Brand Style Guide & Visual Identity

Consistent and correct use of your brand will magnify the effectiveness of brand recognition (trust building) and therefore brand engagement.

The brand style guide is the reference point to which all marketing activity is guided by to achieve maximum results, whether it be the design of your next billboard or a simple post on social media.

Your brand style guide outlines all aspect of your brand to create the right emotions with your audience and communicate your branding message effectively, focusing on elements such as:

  • Font choice, size and use
  • Logo options, size and use
  • Colours primary and secondary and how they are approved for use
  • Image selection guidance to ensure brand alignment in all marketing
  • Many other elements that are on a case by case basis depending on client needs and industry

Stationary Design

Sweet Lemon Design prides ourselves on ensuring your “stationary” is representing you as it should, as this is often the most common piece of marketing your direct engagement audience will see frequently.

Your stationary design includes things such as email signatures, business cards, social media banners, letterheads and more.

stationary design Sweet Lemon DEsign

Marketing Collateral

All marketing material must continue the flow of your brand look, feel and iconic engagement; we love combining our marketing knowledge with our passion for design in partnering long term with all our amazing brands to create their marketing collateral.

This can range from a billboard designs, social media videos, flyers or even a full catalogue production project from end to end inclusive of photography, design and printing.


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